Structured Workouts To Stay Active – Fitstop Review


Structured Workouts To Stay Active  – Fitstop Review

Exercise is a core part of living a healthy lifestyle and going to the gym is a common way to incorporate it. However, people new to gym training commonly experience challenges such as setting aside time, finding a place where they feel comfortable and building the knowledge on correctly training. These challenges, and many more, can often discourage many people from getting started. But I’ve recently discovered a gym that has found a way to solve many of these problems.


The Fitstop Formula

Let me start of being saying that I have NOT been endorsed by Fitstop – this is my honest opinion! I have always been passionate about health and fitness and have tried many forms of training and gyms over the last 15 years from CrossFit to Les Mills and my own weight training. I like to stay in touch with new trends in the fitness scene, especially as I usually end up treating people from various gyms!

Fitstop is a relatively new group-based fitness programme that has started popping up across Australia. It has its own unique formula, combining concepts from the extremely popular F45 and CrossFit workouts. It has more weight training than F45 but no Olympic lifting or heavy weight lifting conditioning workouts with CrossFit, finding a nice balance between the two.

The Fitstop formula recommends at least three sessions a week, focused around three types of classes – Fit, Fast and Functional.

1. Fit

Fit classes are cardio/conditioning focused that combine resistance training, body weight exercises, cycling and running to put your overall fitness to the test. The 45 minute workout is designed for high intensity, high heart rate and high calorie burn.

2. Functional

Functional classes are dedicated to weight training, focusing on form and technique. The exercises target major muscle groups to promote muscle gain and overall strength.

3. Fast

Fast classes combine function and fit together. The first 20 minutes is slow and controlled, developing strength, power and skills with full body movements using barbells, dumbbells, dead balls and kettlebells. In the last 10 minutes, it switches up to a hard and fast workout that gets your heart rate up.

Why I Like The Fitstop

I personally really like the fitstop formula as it includes a combination of weight training and cardio but is programmed in a way to maximise each session without the risk of injury from fatigue. Having weight racks and dedicated strength days is a good point of difference for Fitstop in a market that is heavily saturated in HITT gyms.

I have really enjoyed their workouts over the last 18 months and would recommend this type of training to my patients. I’m sure there will be more Fitstop gyms opening up in the future!

Get Personalised Training Advice From A Health Professional

Whether you are new to training or love a good workout, having a chat with someone who can help you figure out what type of training will benefit you the most and keep you injury free can be a big help.

Dr Miki – Chiropractor is able to help with a range of sports injuries and loves helping her patients stay fit, active and pain free. Book your appointment today.

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