Dry Needling for Shin Splints Pain

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Dry Needling for Shin Splints Pain

Shin splints are a common exercise-related problem causing pain along the shin bone or tibia. They are related to running and stop-start sports such as tennis, soccer and basketball. Shin splints pain will often occur in people who are just starting a fitness routine.

What Causes Shin Splints?

shin splints pain

Shin splints pain is caused by inflammation of the muscles and tendons around the tibia (shin bone). The pain will mainly occur along the border of the tibia where the muscles attach into the bone. Shin splints develop when the muscles and bone tissue become overworked due to repetitive activity. They will often start when people increase the amount of running they do or if they include more challenging training such as hill sprints or interval training. Other factors that can lead to shin splints are poor foot biomechanics such as flat feet or exercising in incorrect footwear.

Treatment for Shin Splints Pain

There are many treatment strategies used to treat shin splints. As they are an overuse injury, rest and reducing the amount of training can help. Ice after exercise to reduce the inflammation to the shin muscles can also help.

Dry Needling for Shin Splints

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Dry needling is another treatment strategy that can be used to treat shin splints. Dry needling the trigger points in the calf muscles such as the gastrocnemius, soleus and tibialis anterior can help to reduce the tension in those muscles.

Dry needling for shin splints pain involves a thin acupuncture needle being inserted into the trigger point area of the calf muscles. The needles break up the area of adhesions and tension in the muscle and also work by promoting blood flow and oxygen into the area which promotes healing. After dry needling, there should be a reduction in pain, improved flexibility and reduced inflammation.

Dry Needling Treatment for Shin Splints Pain in Brisbane CBD

If you are suffering from shin splints and would like to try dry needling, Dr Miki is qualified in dry needling and has used this technique to help many patients. Feel free to get in touch for more information or bookings.

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