Posture Tips for Mums – Looking After Your Post Pregnancy Posture

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Tips for Mums – Looking After Your Post Pregnancy Posture

It is a well known fact that the first few months after you’ve had a baby can be pretty hectic! This probably seems like the worst time ever to be thinking about your posture!! I tend to see a lot of Mums coming in for chiropractic care after they’ve had babies with several postural problems that are easily avoided with a few simple lifestyle changes. Remember, after you’ve had a baby your body has gone through a massive amount of change so extra stress from not been aware of your posture can lead to lower back pain, tight shoulders and neck and sciatic symptoms. Plus babies don’t tend to stay little for long and it won’t be long until you’ll have to be carrying around a heavy toddler! Avoid back and neck pain with these post pregnancy posture tips:

Posture Tip 1:

When holding your baby don’t always hold them on the same hip. It’s a very typical Mum pose to hold your little one on you hips. This is fine (and unavoidable) however make sure that you are swapping side to side or holding them out in front. Always holding them on one hip can lead to misalignments and imbalance in the sacroiliac (pelvic) joints which you want to avoid if possible.

Posture Tip 2:

When bending forward to pick up your little one make sure that you are bending through your knees rather than lower back. Always bending and curving through your lumbar spine when lifting up your baby will put a lot of extra stress on the joints of the lower back which can become painful. Bending from your knees is a much better option.

Posture Tip 3:

When breastfeeding find a large comfy chair that you can lean back in. Leaning back rather than hunching over your baby will prevent you from getting tight and sore through your neck and shoulders.

Those are a few super easy posture tips that can make a big difference and prevent you from getting tight and sore from looking after your baby. If you do need any help with any post pregnancy aches or pains please get in touch with Dr Miki Humphrey Chiropractor!

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