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Dr Miki Humphrey- Brisbane Chiropractor. Chiropractor Brisbane CBDIt’s a common misconception that chiropractors only treat back and neck pain when in fact they can also help with a wide range of sports injuries.

Sports Chiropractors are trained in additional skills and techniques and can treat athletes using soft tissues releases, strapping and taping, rehabilitation exercises as well as spinal and extremity joint chiropractic adjustments.

A Sports Chiropractor can help with acute, subacute and chronic sports injury management, rehabilitation as well as injury prevention and performance optimisation. The importance of sports chiropractic is now well recognised within the elite sports environment, with chiropractors now treating athletes at the Olympics, Commonwealth Games and World Championships.

Our Brisbane Sports Chiropractor

In addition to her chiropractic degree, Miki also has a Bachelor of Physical Education majoring in Exercise Prescription. She is highly qualified to advise on sports and exercise rehabilitation.

Miki also has additional skills with sports taping and neuromuscular therapy – overall, she can offer very thorough treatment for sports injuries.

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