Ergonomics for Kids: Part 2 – Chiropractic Approved Tips to Prevent Tech Neck


Ergonomics for Kids: Part 2 – Chiropractic Approved Tips to Prevent Tech Neck ‘Tech neck’, also known as text neck, is a new term used to describe neck pain or injuries caused from looking at computer screens, smartphones or tablets for extended periods of time. With children spending a significant amount of time on screens from a young age, health … Read More

Ergonomics for Kids: Part 1 Healthy Habits for Students to Practice at School


Ergonomics for Kids: Part 1 Healthy Habits for Students to Practice at School During this week, many Australian kids will pack their books, polish their shoes and head back to school, ready for the school year ahead. However, children don’t often think about the impact that common classroom activities can have on their overall health and wellbeing. Sitting for long periods … Read More

Bulletproof Backs – Part Three: How to Strengthen Oblique Muscles


How to Strengthen Oblique Muscles for a Stronger Core and Spine Although most people know the best way to protect their spine is to maintain a strong core, a lot of people simply forget to train and strengthen their oblique muscles. Their focus seems to be on the superficial core muscle or rectus abdominis muscle rather than their lateral stabilisers … Read More

Bulletproof Backs – Part Two: How to Strengthen Your Core the Right Way

Is a Weak Core Affecting Your Breathing-blog

How to Strengthen Your Core the Right Way Reduce back pain and injury using my simple tips to strengthen your core! Good abdominal strength is a vital part of creating a bulletproof back. The deep layer of your core or transverse abdominals (TA) is a very strong muscle and directly supports your lumbar spine. If the TA isn’t strong or … Read More

How to Avoid Back Strain During Your Spring Clean


Do you experience back strain when you’re cleaning? Whether you’re doing a little (or a lot of) spring cleaning, getting the house ready for Christmas or the usual weekly chores, it is important to always clean with your spine in mind. In 2015, 3.7 million Australians experienced lower back pain, which can be caused by a number of factors, including … Read More

5 Ways to Get a Healthy Spine


With half of Australians not being physically active and back problems reported as number one globally, Australians of all ages are putting their spinal health and wellbeing at risk.  To combat this epidemic, people of all ages are encouraged to keep their spines active. This initiative aims to highlight the importance of physical activity, movement and exercise for maintaining spinal … Read More

Are Your Tight Calves Caused by Core Weakness?


Do You Suffer from Tight Calves? Tight calves and shin splints can be very frustrating for active people. It is a problem I see a lot of in my chiropractic clinic. I often see patients who have chronically tight calves and calf muscles that will frequently tear with exercise. These patients have often tried everything to get their claves to … Read More

Posture Tips: The 3 Ps


In our often busy lives, it can be hard to remember that our health and wellbeing should take priority. This can include getting enough sleep, eating a balanced diet, exercising and maintaining proper posture. Posture is the position in which we hold our bodies while standing, sitting or lying down. When your posture is poor this can increase pressure on … Read More