Health Tips for Athletes – Look After Your Spine This Winter Sports Season


Australia is famous for its sun, surf and sand, but many would argue that the real ‘Australia’ comes out in Autumn, when the footy season starts. Aussie rules, rugby league, soccer and netball take over the lives of many families for the cooler months, sparking a passionate warmth in our hearts. Whether you’re a weekend player or a pro, these health tips for athletes will help to maintain your spinal health this sports season.


Exercising and playing a sport is a great way to keep active, healthy and maintain your spinal health. From professional athletes to weekend warriors playing for the local club, it’s important to remember your spinal health by taking the right steps to protect your spine.

Here are our sports season health tips for athletes:

1. Stretch and warm-up – A proper warm-up with stretching exercises can increase blood circulation and improve the flexibility of muscles and ligaments. This not only helps enhance athletic performance, but it can help prevent injuries as well.

2. Wear protective gear – No matter which sport you play, most have some sort of protective gear that is either highly recommended for use or mandatory. Head-gear, mouthguards, helmets, etc. all go towards protecting your body from injury.

3. Stay hydrated – Ensure that you are drinking plenty of liquids before, during and after sporting games and activities. Make sure to take breaks during the game as well to give your body time to rest and recover.

Visit a Chiropractor

Visiting a chiropractor can help if you have existing pains. Chiropractors can assess your movement and function, then recommend appropriate care for you, so you can enjoy the footy season this year without major injuries.

Want More Health Tips for Athletes?

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