How To Avoid Back Pain At The Beach This Australia Day


Australia day is just around the corner and heading to the beach for the day or long weekend is a popular choice for Queenslanders. Ending up with back pain while at the beach or after a day at the beach is never fun – so here are a few tips to help you avoid back pain and prevent any unwanted injuries popping up while at the beach!

Flip Flops

This footwear is a summertime favourite among people of all ages and genders. However, flip-flops are not the best for providing the right type of foot support. Wearing bad shoes, with little to no heel and arch support, can create back pain. This is especially true for those with chronic back pain. If you are going to wear flip-flops, try to find some with a heel cup and a deep footbed.

Beach Bags and Coolers

When heading out to the oceanfront, be mindful of what you’re packing in your cooler and beach bag. Try not to overload anything and make your items too heavy to carry. If you need a big cooler, try to invest in one that has wheels and a handle for pushing and pulling. This will keep you from having to carry it from place to place.

Looking Down at Books or Phones

It’s common for people to read or surf the web while lying out on the beach. However, constantly looking down will tilt your neck forward which can create pain. Try to keep your book or phone at eye level and hold your head up.

Lying in One Position for Too Long

Try to avoid lying in one position for too long. This is especially true if you like to lie face down to tan your back. This position puts your neck at an awkward angle which puts unneeded stress and pressure on your spine.

Stay Hydrated

Be sure you’re drinking lots of water. It’s easy to get dehydrated at the beach with the wind, activity, heat, and humidity. Try to avoid drinking caffeinated and alcoholic beverages. These will only dehydrate you more.

Avoid Back Pain – See a Chiropractor!

We hope these tips will help you to avoid back pain and have a fun and relaxing time in the surf. If you are ready to get your back healthy after your summer holiday, get in touch today. As a chiropractor in Brisbane CBD, I will be happy to help you with comprehensive assessment and treatment. Our goal is to make your summer – and your life – pain-free.

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