Is Your Breathing Causing Bad Posture? Here’s the Key to Proper Breathing

Is Your Breathing Causing Bad Posture? Here’s the Key to Proper Breathing

When we breathe, we should use a combination of both our chest, abdomen and ribs to fill our lungs. Due to long hours of sitting, we now often see people who have a dominance towards chest breathing. While this obviously isn’t great for breathing patterns, it also isn’t good for our posture.

People who are chest breathers tend to have a very facilitated pec minor and scalenes muscles as these muscles elevate the rib cage and weak rib depressor muscles such as the QLs in the lower back. When chest breathing becomes the normal breathing pattern the pec min, which is a short muscle that runs from the shoulder joint to the upper ribs, becomes very tight and facilitated which causes a rounded shoulder/forward head posture to develop.

Practice Proper Breathing

If you want to work on proper breathing, releasing the pec min muscle by either stretching or trigger pointing it will allow other muscles of respiration to work without being overpowered by the pec. This will also help improve your rounded shoulder/forward head tilt posture. Proper breathing is a very important component of how our body works and our posture. It is worth taking the time to assess our breathing and become more conscious of breathing correctly.

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