Is a Weak Core Affecting Your Breathing?

Did you know that the strength of your core can affect your breathing? Most people don’t know that there is a strong connection between the core and the diaphragm (the main muscle involved in breathing).

Your TVA or transverse abdominals run all the way up to the ribs and have a fascial connection to the diaphragm. Because of this close relationship, if there is weakness in the TVA, your body will start to use to diaphragm to create core strength instead. When the diaphragm steps in for the TVA, it has to work extra hard and usually doesn’t function as well as it should as a breathing muscle. When this happens, smaller breathing muscles in the neck, ribs and back have to work harder which can lead to issues like lower back or neck pain.

Core Strengthening Exercises Are Key!

If you want to avoid all of these issues, it is really important to keep your deep core or TVA nice and strong by performing core strengthening exercises. This does require a bit of work, especially in this day and age of prolonged sitting, which tends to cause the TVA to shut down. Core strengthening exercises like planks or pilates are great ways to keep your core strong and engaged. Try to breathe properly when you do these core strengthening exercises – don’t hold your breath – as this will ensure that you are using both your core and diaphragm correctly!

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