Got High Heel Pain? Here Are 3 Unhealthy Side Effects of High Heels

3 Unhealthy Side Effects of High Heels-blog

Got High Heel Pain?

Here Are 3 Unhealthy Side Effects of High Heels


High heels have long been a symbol for fashion-minded women and are common place in the corporate world. However this fashion accessory does have several downfalls, as anyone who has been standing in heels during a long day at work or night out will tell you, heels aren’t the most comfortable footwear they own. Heels may look glamorous but they can cause some long-term health effects that extends beyond your feet. Current statistics suggest that one in ten women wear heels at least three times a week. Although your favourite pair of stilettos may seem harmless it is worth understanding the effect long-term heels can have on your body.

Knee and hip pain

When walking in high heels the normal biomechanics of our feet are affected which increases the amount of weight put on your knee joint. This can put strain knee joints as well as the hip.

Lower back pain

Walking in high heels tends to increase the normal curve in your lower back. This can put extra pressure on the joints of the lumbar spine which can lead to lower back pain

Tight calves

long-term wear of high heels can shorten the calf muscles. This can lead to tension and pain in the calf muscles.


I know that in the corporate world high heels are pretty much a requirement for a lot of women in their workplaces and therefore some of these issues may seem to be unavoidable. My suggestion for women who do have to wear heels is to try and get the lowest heel possible and a heel that is fairly solid rather than a stiletto type heel to give a better base of support. If heels are necessary I also suggest wearing running/walking shoes to and from work and simply wearing heels when in the office.

If you have any concerns about how your high heels are affecting your posture or if they are leading to high heel pain, I would love to help you out. You can contact my corporate Brisbane CBD chiropractic office by emailing

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