Straighten Up, This School Year


Straighten Up, This School Year

It’s that time of the year again and as back to school preparations start to take place chiropractors are encouraging parents to be mindful of their child’s spinal heath this new school year.

The back to school period is a great time for parents to check the fitting of their child’s backpack and by making a few simple changes may help prevent poor posture and long-term spinal health issues.

Some of the signs of poor posture to look out for from an incorrectly worn backpack may include: forward head posture, slouching and uneven hips. Identifying and stopping these signs early on is important as the spine is still developing during the adolescent years.

Avoiding back to school backache is easy with these simple tips on how to wear a backpack correctly:

  • Size: make sure the backpack is appropriately sized and no wider than the child’s chest.
  • Weight: backpacks should ideally be no heavier than 10 per cent of a student’s weight when packed. Some of the ways to keep the weight of the load down is by packing only essential items and storing unrequired items in a school locker.
  • Straps: both shoulder straps (preferably padded) should always be worn. Make sure to secure the sternum, waist and compression straps.
  • Position: the backpack shouldn’t be worn any lower than the hollow of the lower back with all heavy items positioned at the base of the pack, closest to the spine.

These easy tips can help prevent poor posture and look after your childs spine. If you would like any further information please contact our Brisbane chiropractic clinic.

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