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Tips For Happy Camping

It is the time of year where everyone starts to head away for Christmas holidays. A lot of people make the most of the sunny Queensland climate and head away camping for the holiday period. There is nothing worse than ending up with camping injuries while you’re on holiday, so here are a few tips to avoid injuring yourself while camping:

Lifting technique

It is not uncommon to end up lifting awkward or heavy objects when packing or putting up the tent for a camping trip. Make sure that you are lifting with good technique in order to prevent hurting your lower back. It is important to bend with your knees rather than flexing through the lower back. Avoid twisting when bending forward to lift anything as this is a particularly vulnerable position for your lower back.

Ask for help

If your tent or camping equipment is especially large or difficult to manage on your own, make sure you get someone else to help you with the lifting. You are much less likely to injure yourself if you are sharing the load of heavy equipment with someone else.

Find a good campsite

Finding a good campsite is also an important aspect of your trip. Make sure your site is fairly flat and that the ground is even. Sleeping on an angle or uneven surface for a week or so can create tension in your spine which could lead to aches and pains.

Take good bedding

This is similar to my last point but make sure you take adequate bedding away with you. Blow up beds or camp stretchers which give your spine good support are ideal. Sleeping on unsupportive bedding and pillows during a trip can have a negative impact on your spine so make sure you have comfortable bedding in order to make the most of your trip.

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