Chiropractor Health Tips: Posture

Chiropractic Advice Tech neck can cause headaches, neck and shoulder pain which can benefit from visiting a chiropractor Brisbane City

Chiropractor Health Tips: Posture
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Here is some good information about how to prevent text neck from the Chiropractor’s Association of Australia. This is a common problem I see as a chiropractor in Brisbane CBD. The number of people using mobile devices has increased year on year and continues to grow. While this is great news for staying connected to everyone and everything, looking down at mobile phones and tablets too often and for long periods can have a negative impact on our neck and spine.

There is no need to shun technology all together. Here are some helpful tips to help keep your spine happy when using your mobile device:

  • Take a break from your phone. It is easy to forget so set an alarm on your phone as a reminder.
  • Raise your phone so that it’s closer to eye level. This way you won’t have to tilt your head forward and strain your neck.
  • Stretch your neck from time to time. Changing positions can help alleviate stress on the neck and spine.
  • Work on your posture. It is important to work on a maintaining a good posture. Being mindful about this will contribute greatly to your spinal health.
  • Stay fit and active – a strong back and neck are better equipped to handle stress. Incorporate exercise into your daily routine to strengthen back and core muscles.

Prevention is definitely better than cure so be mindful about the effects of ‘Text Neck’. These simple steps will help prevent spinal issues associated with technology use.

For more information on maintaining a healthy spine or if you are interested in contacting a chiropractor in Brisbane CBD please don’t hesitate to contact my clinic.


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