Workouts You Can Do Without A Gym Membership


If you’re busier than a bee, you probably don’t have time to even think about the gym, let alone actually get there. The gym itself can be vastly intimidating, and if you go alone, it can be worse. So, why not skip the gym altogether and workout from home? Here are some ways you can keep yourself fit and healthy … Read More

5 Signs You’re Overtraining

5 Signs Youre Overtraining-blog-weights

5 Signs You’re Overtraining Did you know that it is possible to train too much? Your body needs time to recover between sessions otherwise wear and tear can start to occur. Mild overtraining can take a couple of days to recover from but more severe forms of overtraining can lead to chronic or adrenal fatigue which requires a long recovery. … Read More

Shoulder Workout To Prevent Injuries In Office Workers


Shoulder Workout To Prevent Injuries In Office Workers Monday is traditionally international chest days in gyms across the globe. A lot of guys who are serious about their training head to the bench press areas of the gym and solely focus on building their chest muscles. I understand the concept of muscle isolation for growth and performance however working out … Read More

4 Ways Walking Benefits Your Back

4 Ways Walking Benefits Your Back-blog-dr-miki

4 Ways Walking Benefits Your Back Walking is a simple, inexpensive and easy activity with many benefits for health and general wellbeing. Walking regularly can improve heart and lung function, aid in weight-loss, decrease bone loss, and can also boost mood, alertness and energy levels, but did you know that walking can be beneficial to your spine as well? Here … Read More

Should You Sit Or Stand At Work?

Should You Sit Or Stand At Work-office sitting

Should You Sit Or Stand At Work? Unsure whether to use a sitting or standing desk at work? You’re not alone – not even the experts can tell you the best way to spend your hours in the office. Headlines over the past few years have declared that sitting is the new smoking and can be linked to numerous health … Read More

5 tips to bolster your spinal health

5 tips to bolster your spinal health-blog-sunset

5 tips to bolster your spinal health It’s never too late or too early to start taking steps to improve your spinal health! These tips won’t just get you moving again, but they’ll also help prevent long-term back problems. 1. Improve your posture We spend the majority of our waking hours sitting, standing or walking. Regardless, you can improve your … Read More

Avoid back pain while travelling with these simple tips

Avoid back pain while travelling with these simple tips-blog

Avoid back pain while travelling with these simple tips Spinal health isn’t something we usually think about when we’re on holiday. But if we’re not careful, unexpected back pain can potentially ruin the entire experience. As both a chiropractor and someone who’s very susceptible to the travel bug, you can take it from me – prevention is always better than … Read More

Chronic Back Pain Tips


Chronic Back Pain Tips Here is an interesting blog written by the Chiropractors Assocation of Australia in the lead up to spinal health week. This year the CAA is focused on helping Australians living with chronic back pain. An estimated 3.7 million Australians are suffering from chronic back problems, making it a major public health concern. Chronic back pain is … Read More

Chiropractor Health Tip: Care of The Neck

Chiropractor Health Tip: Care of the neck as important as the head in sports injury prevention Research is increasingly showing that concussion injuries not only affect the brain but also the neck upon which the head moves during impact according to the New Zealand Chiropractors’ Association[1]. Dr Cassandra Fairest, chiropractor and spokesperson for the New Zealand Chiropractors’ Association explains: `Many … Read More

Chiropractor Brisbane CBD Training Tip: Mobility

Chiropractor Brisbane CBD. Chiropractor Brisbane

Chiropractor Training Tip: Mobility Mobility is a common phrase that we hear around gyms a lot these days. Prior to the mobility movement most people used to do a few static stretches in their cool down and think that they were fully recovered. Now days mobility work has gained a lot of traction and people are benefiting from a decent … Read More