IS THE DAILY GRIND HURTING YOUR HEAD? HERE’S HOW TO PREVENT HEADACHES   Headaches are becoming increasingly common and many people are guilty of taking painkillers and ignoring the problem. Headaches can take different forms, including migraines and tension headaches, and these can greatly impact quality of life. What Causes Headaches? Headaches can be caused by various factors, including but … Read More

Four benefits of remedial massage

by Activate Personal Training April 16, 2018 Did you know that our first sensory system to develop is touch? In newborns skin-to-skin contact promotes greater sleep, regulates movements, brings calmness, and reduces stress throughout our growth and change in lifestyle. However, as we get older we push our bodies to the limit – excessive desk work, prolonged standing, lack of … Read More

Blueprint Health and Fitness

We are a PRIVATE PERSONAL TRAINING STUDIO located in Brisbane’s CBD on Elizabeth Street Blueprint Health and Fitness caters to ALL fitness types and levels. Whether you are looking to get back into fitness, lose weight, gain muscle or prepare for a specific event, we can help you get there. We offer a wide variety of services listed below, we … Read More

Wrist pain in office workers

Spending long hours typing at your computer and have sore wrists? Wrist pain is not an uncommon complaint in office workers who spend long periods of time typing. Wrist pain is often an annoying injury that can vary from a dull ache into the much more serious complaint of carpal tunnel syndrome. The reason why wrist pain is so common … Read More

How pilates can cause lower back pain

I have been seeing a few patients recently who have just started pilates and ended up with lower back pain from these classes. These people have started off with the great intention of getting a stronger core to PREVENT lower back pain not cause it! It can be quite a frustrating scenario. But there is a very logical reason why, … Read More

Tips for preventing lower back pain in runners

Running is a great way to stay fit and active. Anyone who has ever really got into running will tell you how addictive it can be. However, runners tend to be fairly prone to injuries. Running is a high impact activity and running long distances on hard concrete surfaces can cause up to 300 times your body weight to be … Read More

Tips to help with headaches and neck pain

Neck pain and headaches are one of the most common complaints I see in my practice. In a lot of cases, neck pain is largely due to the impact increased screen time has had on the biomechanics of our spines. Simply put…. Looking down at computers, laptops, cell phones and tablets is not normal. Our spines are not designed for … Read More

Posture Tips – Mouse Shoulder

Posture Tips-Mouse Shoulder-dr-miki-blog

Posture Tips – Mouse Shoulder What on earth is mouse shoulder you ask? While this isn’t a well known term like ‘text neck’, mouse shoulder is a term that I have come up with to describe a very common complaint I see in office workers. Mouse shoulder describes the shoulder symptoms associated with the chronic repetitive movements in your dominant … Read More

Got High Heel Pain? Here Are 3 Unhealthy Side Effects of High Heels

3 Unhealthy Side Effects of High Heels-blog

Got High Heel Pain? Here Are 3 Unhealthy Side Effects of High Heels   High heels have long been a symbol for fashion-minded women and are common place in the corporate world. However this fashion accessory does have several downfalls, as anyone who has been standing in heels during a long day at work or night out will tell you, … Read More

Straighten Up, This School Year


Straighten Up, This School Year It’s that time of the year again and as back to school preparations start to take place chiropractors are encouraging parents to be mindful of their child’s spinal heath this new school year. The back to school period is a great time for parents to check the fitting of their child’s backpack and by making a … Read More